The secretariat of the 9th international film festival began
The secretariat of the 9th international film festival began after several years of interruptions with the presence of a number of parliamentarians and cultural and artistic officials.
According to the public relations of its festival, the secretariat of the 9th international film festival was held at a ceremony attended by Dr. Hadi Hosseini, Deputy Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance, Dr. Mahmoud Shalooi, Director of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Mazandaran, Dr. Ali Najafi, representative of the people of Babylon and spokesman for the National Security Commission Foreign policy of Islamic Consultative Assembly, Hussein Nazari, another representative of Mazandaran in parliament, and documentary director Mehdi Ghorban, and the founders of the festival, began their work at the site of the Cinema and cultural Complex.
The film festival is one of the oldest short film festivals held in the province of Mazandaran in the form of biennial folklore.
 The festival, which began in 1997, is the most important cultural festival in north of Iran.

The 9th International Film Festival will be held in Mazandaran province after several years of international interruption with the participation of Iranian filmmakers and artists from the Caspian sea countries in the spring 2019.
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