Juror: Varesh Filmfest Vital in Introducing Mazandaran Costumes

The jury of Varesh International Film Festival said the event is a good opportunity to introduce the public culture of people in northern Province of Mazandaran.


    Amir Toodeh Roosta said the films competing in different sections of the festival enjoy very high quality compared to the previous editions of this international cinematic gathering.


He also hailed the talented young filmmakers, adding that this generation plays a pivotal role in film festivals in Iran.

He added that attraction, quality and the structural coherence are among the most important characteristics of film.


He added that Varesh Film festival is vital in introducing the Iranian costumes across the world.


The 9th Varesh International Film Festival will run from April 29 to May 3.


Toodeh Roosta is a graduate of Soore University in Dramatic Literature (Theater). Pieces of work made by him include Lay My Bed in the Room, Sparkle, Radiology of a Portrait, and Hi Mr. Evil.


His films were screened in Tokyo (Japan), Warsaw (Poland), São Paulo (Brazil), Tbilisi (Georgia), Washington, D.C. (the U.S.A), and Transylvania (Rumania) festivals.


He has won several awards including the special award of the jury for Lay My Bed in the Room in 2016 France Silhouette Film Festival, the trophy of the best film for Peace and War in Copenhagen 60 Seconds Film Festival, the trophy for the best short features film in 2005 Tehran Short Film Festival, the trophy for the best short film in 10th House of Cinema Celebration, the award of the third selected film for Sparkling in 2007 Austria Festival of Nations.

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